Picture Gallery, Season 2014-15

At our meeting on 9 September 2014

Max Smith

Max Smith told the story of the Sepoy mutiny of 1857,
illustrated by contemporary correspondence.

At our meeting on 23 September 2014

Malcolm Green John Terry

We were visited by members of the East Grinstead Stamp and Postcard Club. Malcolm Green (left) spoke about the development of
stamp collecting and John Terry showed us stamps from the German Democratic Republic, 1949-67. Malcolm also presented
a display of Gibraltar 1903-36 on behalf of David Sumpter.

At our meeting on 25 November 2014

2014 Auction

We held our annual Grand Auction, conducted by John Schofield,
ably assisted by Pauline MacBroom and Alan Holverson.

Our meeting on 9 December 2014 was our Christmas social evening

2014 Christmas social evening

Members and guests enjoyed a buffet meal.

At our meeting on 27 January 2015

David Rolls

David Rolls presented an extensive and informative display of early Peru

At our meeting on 10 February 2015

Woking team

A team from Woking and District Philatelic Society presented three
excellent displays. From left to right:
Paul Elliot (CPS President)
Ron Trevelyan showed Nyasaland
Michael Lockton showed GB airmails
David Stotter showed postcards from Morocco.

At our meeting on 24 February 2015

Jeremy Gaskell

Jeremy Gaskell gave us a comprehensive and entertaining display of British Borneo

At our meeting on 24 March 2015

Brian Asquith

In a change to the advertised programme, at very short notice, Brian Asquith
provided us with a gold-medal display of Chinese airmails.

Our meeting on 14th April 2015 was the night of our annual competitions.

Judging the competition entries

Judging the competition entries.

28th April 2015 was our annual President's Evening.

Ian Reed

Our President introduced a guest speaker, Ian Reed, who presented
a display on the theme of music, principally composers.

Paul Elliot

In the second half of the meeting our President, Paul Elliot, showed
some of his extensive collection of French colonial stamps.

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 12th May 2015.

Frank Simpson

Frank Simpson (left) was congratulated by our President, Paul Elliot,
on winning the Silver Medal in the Society's competition.

Graham Harker

Graham Harker (right) was congratulated by our President, Paul Elliot,
on winning the Thematic Trophy in the Society's competition.

At our meeting on 26 May 2015

Peter Pugh

Peter Pugh, assisted by his wife Rosemary, entertained us to
a comprehensive display of the Trans-Siberian railway.

At our meeting on 9 June 2015

Ted Kemp

Ted Kemp presented a comprehensive and attractive display of Turkey.

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