Picture Gallery, Season 2018-19

At our meeting on 11 September 2018

Alan Tyler

Alan Tyler presented a comprehensive display of Palestine and the early issues of Israel.

At our meeting on 9 October 2018

Ray Barton

Ray Barton treated us to an attractive and wide-ranging display of Mexico.

At our meeting on 23 October 2018

Barbara Priddy

Barbara Priddy showed West African airmails from inception to the 1980s

At our meeting on 13 November 2018

Maidstone & Mid-Kent team

We were honoured by a visit from Maidstone & Mid-Kent Philatelic Society.
Left to right: John Mortimore, Bob Higgins, Brian Stonestreet and Tony Davis,
who displayed Red Coats, KG6 Gibraltar, New Zealand definitive issues and
Victorian 2d Blues respectively.

At our meeting on 12 February 2019

Graham Harker

Our President, Graham Harker, gave an illustrated talk on the life and work of
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, with a fine display of letters carried on his vessels.

At our meeting on 26 February 2019

Reg Harrison (left)

Our member Reg Harrison presented a wide-ranging display of Belgium, 1459 - 2000.
He is seen here receiving a certificate of appreciation from President Graham Harker.

At our meeting on 12 March 2019

Derek Mauri

Derek Mauri presented a fascinating display of the effects of hyperinflation
in the Weimar Republic (Germany) in 1922-23.

At our meeting on 26 March 2019

Simon Richards

Simon Richards amazed us with a selection from what must surely be the finest
collection of Dominica ever assembled.

At our meeting on 9 April 2019

Dr. Jim Etherington  Grace Davies
We were visited by a team from the Mid-Sussex Philatelic Society.

Dr. Jim Etherington's display was entitled 1940 - A Desperate Year and Grace Davies presented Peace.
Our members thoroughly enjoyed two displays which were extremely well researched and full of interest.

At our meeting on 23 April 2019

Richard Berry
Our member Richard Berry presented a comprehensive display of the 1937 Coronation,
comprising stamps from around the Commonwealth, postal history and ephemera.

At our meeting on 11 June 2019

Colin Evans
Colin Evans presented a fine display of the American Civil War. He is seen here with
our President, Graham Harker.

Photograph by Robert Raju.

At our meeting on 9 July 2019

John Davis
John Davis presented his Gold Medal collection of Tin Can and Canoe Mail of Niuafo'ou.

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