Picture Gallery, Season 2019-20

At our meeting on 24 September 2019

Terry Page

Terry Page presented a world-class display of Russia's Zemstvo postal history.

At our meeting on 8 October 2019

Brian Asquith Frank Simpson

In a change from the advertised programme, due to the indisposition of the speaker, Brian Asquith (left) presented
displays of modern postal history and Ethiopian airmails and Frank Simpson (right) showed Braunschweig.

At our meeting on 22 October 2019

Cliff Hurst Ray Houghton

We were visited by two members from the Eltham and Woolwich Philatelic Society.
Cliff Hurst (left) presented proofs and colour trials of Russian stamps, while Ray Houghton (right) entertained us with
a miscellany of stamps, principally from Australia.

At our meeting on 12 November 2019

Roger Morrell

Roger Morrell presented an interesting and informative display
of the Salonika campaign in the First World War.

The subject of our meeting on 11 February 2020 was the President's display.

Graham Harker

President Graham Harker presented a fine display of material
relating to the post in Croydon, greatly appreciated by all present.

At our meeting on 25 February 2020

John Schofield

John Schofield entertained us with the story of Rhodesia's
Unilateral Declaration of Independence. He is seen here with
our President, Graham Harker, photographed by Robert Raju.

At our meeting on 10 March 2020

David Milsted

David Milsted presented a stunning display of Great Britain Army Officials.

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